Commercial Diet Optimization

Commercial Diet Optimization


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With all the marketing hype on the internet, in pet stores, etc. it’s easy to become overwhelmed and start adding supplement after supplement. Before you know it, you’re adding everything but the kitchen sink to your dog’s diet and you don’t even know why. Or maybe you are hearing all the noise saying you need to add x, y, and z but you’re unsure if they are even truly needed or right for your dog. This service is great for those wanting help with the “extras” in your dogs commercial diet. There will be no support period for this service!

What’s Included?

  • Review of your dog’s commercial diet (raw, cooked, kibble, canned etc.) and supplement regimen
  • Suggestions on what can be added or what may be unnecessary
  • Links to any supplements recommended
  • Coupon to upgrade to a kibble topper formulation if wanted

Is My Dog Eligible?

  • Adult and senior dogs
  • Dogs with no health conditions (including GI issues)
  • Dogs with known food allergies (determined via elimination diet only)

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