Easy Red Meat, Mackerel and Barley

Easy Red Meat, Mackerel and Barley


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This recipe uses a mix of beef, pork, mackerel and barley. It was designed using ingredients that are typically easily found in grocery stores.

NOTE: This recipe comes in both cooked and raw variations. If you purchase the raw version, it cannot be cooked without changing the nutritional makeup of the diet and vice versa. Please make sure you purchase the right one!

This recipe is for healthy, adult dogs only. It is not appropriate for puppies or dogs with health conditions. It is formulated per 1000kcal using adjusted NRC nutritional requirements to ensure a well balanced diet for dogs of a wide range of calorie requirements. To determine your dogs energy factor, please see Energy Factor Calculations or email me at hello@tailoredtummyco.com



Cooked, Raw

Energy Range

80-95, 95-110, 110-130

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