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Nutrition as Unique as Your Best Friend

Balanced Formulations

I formulate every diet based on current nutrition science along with nutrient guidelines to ensure a balanced diet to support your dog’s health. Age, breed, activity level, and past medical history are all taken into account when formulating.

Functional Ingredients

I look at nutrient density, bioavailability, and anti-nutrients when choosing the ingredients. All of the ingredients chosen will be approved by you so that you know they are easily accessible and that your dog enjoys them.

Raw and Cooked Diets

I formulate both raw and cooked diets (or a combination of both). There are many cases in which a cooked diet is more beneficial than a raw diet. I will always formulate a diet that is most appropriate for that individual dog.

Tailored to your dog

Every diet I formulate is specific to your dog and their needs. I take into account every aspect of your dog along with likes and dislikes. I will do everything I can to include ingredients that your dog loves and I will not ask you to use foods that they don’t like.

Online Client support

All of my services are completely online so I can help anyone no matter what your location is. I have worked with clients all across the globe! The entire process is done through email. Phone or local support (Bangor, ME) can be arranged if needed.



From the very beginning, my questions and concerns were answered with detailed explanations. There were a lot of questions in the questionnaire, but that only helped to be more specific to Haley’s needs. The recipe is very easy to follow. I was given a rough estimate of the costs involved for her weekly meals. Very affordable. The report was so detailed all the way down to daily, weekly, and biweekly plans. It even gave me a report on what I was feeding Haley. And showed what key ingredients and vitamins she was missing out on. I was not pressured into buying anything. That’s a nice change of pace these days. The whole process was quick! Within the first few days I noticed Haley Girl’s energy levels were so much higher. She seems to be more energetic and sleeping better at night. She is even starting to show some signs of weight loss. I will definitely be back for more formulations in the future. It’s not only approved by me but most importantly, it’s Haley approved!

-Bonnie H.


I found every aspect of working with Ashlyn to be a positive experience. In fact, while I started working on only one of my dog’s diets, I ended up getting formulations for my other two! The process was so well supported and all my questions were addressed in an empathetic and clear way. The information, while complex, is presented in an easy to understand and more importantly to action way! Most importantly my little guy feels SO MUCH BETTER! River isn’t a rumbly, burpy, poopy grumpy gus anymore! He’s a bright happy handsome fella again!

-Kim M.


Ashlyn’s guidance has taken away our anxiety and given us so much peace of mind.  Our puppy was the runt of the litter.  She was small, having loose stools, and was a very picky eater.  Since working with Ashlyn, her stools have been perfect for four straight months. It has been very satisfying to watch our puppy grow and thrive, while feeling confident she is getting the calories and nutrients she needs.  

-Jenny K.

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