Healthy Dog Formulations

Therapeutic Formulations

Dogs with health conditions often require a more carefully formulated diet and need more time dedicated to their case. In many instances, their formulation may need to be adjusted several times.

All therapeutic formulations use NRC nutritional requirements (where applicable) and current nutritional recommendations for their specific condition(s).

In some cases, owners have already determined what works for their specific condition (mainly GI cases) and just need help making sure the diet is well rounded. If you think this applies to you, please contact me!


  1. Purchase a formulation. If you have any questions about which service to choose, please email me at
  2. You will receive an order confirmation email with the next steps. This email includes a link to an Intake Form where I get to know you and your dog. The sooner this is completed, the sooner you will receive your requested formulation but please be detailed in your responses.
  3. Once I receive your intake form I will begin formulating your dog’s recipe. You will get a list of ingredients that will be present in your recipe to either approve or request changes.
  4. After the ingredients are approved, your formulation will be finalized and sent to you.
NRC Balanced Recipes

All recipes are formulated using NRC Nutrient Profiles for Dogs along with current science to provide complete nutrition. The macro- and micronutrient levels will be optimized according to the needs of your dog according to the information you give in your intake form.

Nutrient Analysis

Every formulation comes with a complete nutrient analysis to see how the recipe lines up to your dog’s requirements. This includes macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids. These are great tools to show your veterinarians and specialists.

Prep Instructions

I will provide a detailed write-up on how to best prepare your dogs’ meals. This includes what ingredients can be safely prepped in a batch and frozen vs. what needs to be given daily. Preparation instructions will be written in a way that compliments your lifestyle to the best of my ability and contains some tips and tricks that I have found to be useful.

Feeding Instructions

Detailed feeding instructions will be given to you to avoid any confusion. This can be especially important for those with small dogs that require giving certain supplements every other day/ every few days. My goal is to make feeding time as easy and streamlined as possible!

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