Growth Formulation

Growth Formulation


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Growth Formulations are specifically crafted to support your furry friend’s overall health and well-being. By providing your puppy with a balanced and nutritious diet home-made diet, you can support healthy growth with optimal nutrition.

Each and every dog is unique- their diet should be as unique as them.

Every Growth Formulation includes 1 raw or cooked recipe tailored specifically for your puppy. The recipe will be customized to meet your dog’s specific needs based on breed, age, health status, and activity level, as well as your preferences for ingredients and preparation methods. Commercial food can be used as a portion of the diet.

What’s Included?

  • 1 cooked or raw recipe formulated using NRC nutritional requirements for growth
  • 1 cooked or raw recipe formulated for adulthood
  • Ingredient check before the formulation is completed to verify that you can source all ingredients
  • Preparation, Feeding, and Transition instructions
  • Nutrient Analysis
  • Links to any supplements needed
  • 3 months of support for questions starting when the adult formulation is received (reformulations are not included in the support period)
  • Puppy growth monitoring and recipe updates every 6-8 weeks

Is My Puppy Eligible?

  • Small and Medium breeds: Under 1 year old and less than 80% of their expected adult weigh
  • Large and Giant breeds: Under 18 months old
  • Puppies without health conditions or GI issues or puppies with allergies but have no ongoing symptoms

I’m always happy to discuss what formulation service is best for your dog! Please contact me with any questions!

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