You understand and accept that this diet formulation is completed by a canine nutrition professional; you agree to assume all risks involved with feeding, preparation, storage and that you, the owner, are responsible for any consequences that may occur from a home prepared diet including adverse reactions. Tailored Tummy Co. does not provide any guarantee or warranty on the recipes or for expected results. It is the owner/feeder’s responsibility to determine if the recipe is right to feed their dog.

Should you decide to include raw meaty bones, you are assuming all risk that comes with them. Tailored Tummy Co. cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise including but not limited to tooth fractures or GI blockages. I will not use any weight bearing bones from larger animals that pose a greater risk of injury. I understand that Ashlyn Van Buren d/b/a Tailored Tummy Co. is not a substitute for proper veterinarian care. It is your responsibility to relay pertinent information regarding your dog’s health with both myself and your veterinary team. The information provided in documents and accessible on should not be considered medical advise, diagnosis or treatment. This information is not intended to be a substitute for veterinary care. Your veterinarian should be consulted before stopping any medications, supplement or treatment prescribed by them.

Recipes must be prepared and followed as written. Substitutions, errors during preparation, undisclosed animal health conditions, failure to disclose pertinent information, and low ingredient quality can all be reasons for desired results to not be achieved.

Recipe amounts, custom recipe information and any documents given to you by Tailored Tummy Co. cannot be shared between anyone but you and your dog’s veterinary professionals unless express permission is granted. Recipes formulated for your dog are intellectual property of Tailored Tummy Co. and should not be reproduced or modified for publishing or sale. Violating this section of the terms & conditions will result in the termination of our working relationship immediately.


Tailored Formulations

A full refund may be requested from the time of purchase up until 24 hours AFTER completion of the intake form.

Once I receive the completed intake form up until I provide a proposed ingredient list, a 50% refund will be granted.

Once you approve the proposed ingredient list, no refunds will be issued.

If you purchase formulation services with the intention of using them at a later date, you may request a full refund at any point before the intake form has been completed. The return will be processed for the amount that you paid at that time.

Downloadable Recipes

Downloadable recipes are not eligible for returns once you have downloaded the files.


tailored formulations

Basic reformulations during your support period are included under certain situations including

  • Refusal to eat an ingredient
  • Unknown intolerance to an ingredient
  • Unwanted weight gain or loss

NOT included in the reformulation policy includes:

  • Inability to source an ingredient
  • Price increases of ingredients included
  • Issues due to the recipe not being followed correctly
  • Changes in any health conditions

If you need a reformulation that falls outside those allowed during your support period or after your support period ends, you may purchase them but they cannot always be done immediately. Information on how to request and purchase a reformulation can be found on your Diet Report.

downloadable recipes

Reformulations to replace 1 or 2 ingredients (including supplements) can be purchased for $10. If more than 2 adjustments need to be made, a tailored diet will need to be purchased.

need help?

Contact us at for questions related to refunds.

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